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25 years of no-use. Registration expired, rust and dust to be removed. This motorcycles has been overhauled from inside-out.

To make London proud of a brand new, old scool caferacer was fabricated in the most detailed way I possible could have. An engine overhaul, frame adjustments and fine details of the AceCafe all over the motorcycle. A complete inspection and new registration finished the job. This motorcycle is ready to be shown inside and on the road.

Fifth Image
Fifth Image

Kenny Roberts Replica

This RD350LC has been overhauled into a replica of the famous Kenny Roberts GP machine.

After the complete disassambly of the motorcycle the true current state of the motorcycle was revealed. The engine was overhauled before, but the rest wasn't pretty. Therefor every bolt, every nut and each piece of the motorcycle has been touched. The rims are originally Yamaha XS, the swingarm had been customized in order to create the original look. To create the best replica it can possibly be, even with this motorcycle being a little smaller then the original GP machine, I've collaborated very closely with the painter. He did a remarkable job scaling the striping to inherit the original look.

Wayne Rainey Replica

The not-so-classic Cagiva Mito, but turned into an alltime classic. Wayne Rainey's epic Yamaha YZR500.

This motorcycle has been fully overhauled. The engine was completely disambled, and built again to perform much better. With other carburators, another head (high compression). The steering parts of this machine makes it a Frankenstein. The front shocks, front wheel and brakes are originally from a Kawasaki ZXR750. The swingarm is a custom job, also the fueltank and subframe have been heavily modified to meet the requirements. The fairings are originally from a TZ250, but attached with a lot of new glassfiber, to look like the original YZR500. Ready to be painted, and fully ready to hit the road.

Fifth Image

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