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Yup, that's me.

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Nice to meet you!

In my fifties, a fulltime fighterplane mechanic. A self-learner +1.

My name is Jasper. Officially I'm a professional car mechanic, but switched to fighter planes in my twenties. At home I started a lot of years ago with building my own RC submarines, powerboats and cars. Over the years motorcycles started to rule my families life. Driving thousands of kilometers in our summer vacation, accompanied by our 2 kids (starting at 4 years old). We're infected and love it.

Over the years I started overhauling motorcycles. Not because I had to, but because I love making something out of nothing. I'm a self-learner, which resulted in getting the hang of creating custom parts out of alumium, stainless steel, carbonfiber and much more. I love to build things we invision, but can't buy.

Everything is in details. My building process is always about the smallest details. If it doesn't meet my requirements the first time, I'll do it again. And again and again, if necessary.

After years of creating motorcycles on my own, I'd love to use my skills to make beautifull stuff for other people. If you're interested; let's get in touch!

Let's make you proud.

Get in touch to chat. About motorcycles, maybe about your custom motorcycle, Made By Jasper.

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