I’m a motor builder by heart.

I Build Motorcycles.

I’m a motor builder by heart. I believe a motorcycle should be an extension of my soul and driving it should be like dancing on my own. It should be individual and I will make sure it is.

With the indepth technical knowledge of planes, cars and motorcycles I stand up to create dreams. Creativity, individualism and a bright mind are key to create that one motorcycle that you could not buy, just because it did not exist.

I create custom motorcycles. Based on an existing chassis, I’ll be able to create almost everything you want.



A handmade motorcycle is simply a piece of art. Put it on a wall, hang it up-side-down on your ceiling, or simply place it somewhere on the ground.

My motorcycles have been- and are still used for this purpose. Some of them are placed in a living room, others have been placed into an office. You might consider placing a one of a kind motorcycle in your office too; it can be specially built including company specific details.

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